Smile, you found us!

Who are we

WON I.T. is an Information Technology Consulting company created  in March 2019.

100% of the Share Capital of WON I.T. is held by its founders making us free of debt or ties with financial partners.

WON I.T. is primarily active in three areas of expertise :

  • Infrastructures : Systems, networks security, telecoms
  • Consulting and project management
  • Digital 

Our Headquarters are in Meudon 92190 to best serve the entire Ile de France area.

Likewise our offices are located in the heart of Paris, next to the Opera Garnier.

WON I.T. is the first ESN entirely created, funded and managed by women. The company was born by our desire to surpass the plethora of competitors. To achieve this we count on our ability to listen and to communicate.

The pursuit of  true quality in our services is our primary goal and the garantie to success. It is an absolute necessity in order to forge durable partnerships with our clients and associates.

You will benefit from our experience in the employment pool and our in depth knowledge of your business sector.  We can identify exactly the competence you are looking for. 

We are conscious of the time consuming task that recruitment represents for you. Reason why our offer relies on the expertise and experience of our team.

Our slogan is  "Smile, you found us" and reflects our work  ethic:  Reactivity, performance and positive working attitude.

Thanks to our team of recruiters and commercial representatives we will do all it takes to find the best solutions to your needs.

The Managers

les derigeants wonit
Diana LEBARBIER and Rajai MIZOUNE are the directors of  WON I.T.
They met in this business sector and have worked together since 2015.

In a predominantly male environment  they  were able to impose and affirm themselves thanks to their experience and performance.

Sharing the same ambition to create their own company,   they decided in 2019 to Create Won I.T. the first I.T. consulting company in France born and managed by women.


Diana Lebarbier

dianaWith a Masters degree in HR management, Diana was immediately drawn to the I.T. recruitment and consulting. She was exposed to the recruitment problematics of  large groups with her work with Alten in 2009.

Later attracted by the challenge and flexibility of smaller businesses, she worked with ASAP Conseil since its creation. She contributed for 10 years to its growth and success. Her work there alpowed her to gain valuable experience in all angles and needs of the business whether recruitment, sales, technical and  Human resources.

Her desire for quality of service led her to create her own company in 2019.


Rajai Mizoune

rajaiWith a BTS diploma in sales in 2003, Rajai Mizoune chooses to start her career in INTEGRATION SUPPORT SERVICES.

This job allows her to develop a real ease with all aspects and needs of  helpdesk and information systems. In 2013 she joins CONNECTT where she holds a large client portfolio in INFRASTRUCTURE. This experience teaches her to be reactive to address the sector needs in an unstable and temporary job market.

In 2017 she is hired and successfully launches the I.T. branch of QUALIS temp.

Destiny or coincidence?

She finds herself at the same time with the same desire with Diana  to create her own company.






map21 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris
phone orange sm  +33 145071726 
paris metro sign
Lines 3 et 8, station OPERA (5 min walk)
Line 9, station chausée d'Antin - La Fayette (5 min walk)
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RER A, station Auber (5 min alk)
Gare St Lazare : Lines J,L, 3, 12, 13, 14, RER E, (10 min walk)

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